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Hoses & Fittings

Complete in-house custom Hydraulic and Industrial hose assemblies made
Hydraulic fittings, quick connects, and adapters
Industrial, Tank Truck, and hydraulic hose
Cam and groove couplings (Aluminum, Stainless, and Brass)
Rotary, vibrator, choke and kill, and cementing hoses available upon request

Power Transmission

Complete line of single and banded belts
Special order belts available upon request
Sheaves, bushings, and sprockets
Quadra Flex Couplings and hubs
Spider couplings and inserts


Larkin Products, LLC is a leader in the manufacture of low to medium pressure screwed connection tubing and casing heads as well as a variety of stuffing boxes, ball valves, lubricated plug valves, check valves, polished rod clamps, pumping tees, transition fittings, and drilling and adapter flanges.

Baird Valve and Regulator

Baird Valve and Regulator, LLC, the original manufacturer of the Back Pressure Regulator, offers a full line of 1”, 2” and 3” liquid and gas relief valves as well as a large stock of pump parts, cages, taps and dies, S.S.T. pipe repair clamps, ball and seat testing machines and a variety of other oilfield related items.


Soap Sticks
SAPP Sticks
Condensate Sticks
Acid Sticks
Liquid Surfactant
Peat Moss Absorbent
Soft Soap Sticks
Bit Sticks


Stack and Inline Vent Valves
Thief Hatches
Leveling Saddles
Measurement Tools

Pipe Fittings & Downhole

Pipe Nipples
Stainless Steel Pipe Nipples
Forged Steel Fittings
Black Malleable Fittings
Stainless Steel XH and Std. Fittings

Tubing Nipples
Oil Country Fittings
Ball Valves (ductile iron, stainless, brass)
Check Valves (inline and swing)
Needle Valves

Flex and Ring Gaskets
Sucker Rod Coulings
Pup Joints
Pony Rods
Special orders available upon request

Mitchell Industries

Mitchell Industries proudly manufactures its Accu-Weld™ wedge wire screens for applications in both the petroleum and refining industries. We have been an industry leader in the quality-controlled production and installation of our wedge wire screen products for over 33 years. We specialize in gravel packing and sand control screens for the oil and gas industry, as well as various screen products for industrial filtration. Here at Mitchell Industries, we pride ourselves on our quality products and service, innovative techniques, and an unparalleled commitment to our customers.

Darcova, Inc.

Valve Cups
Seating Cups
Pressure Actuated Rings
Composite Rings
Pump Components and Gaskets

TOP Valve Industries

Wellhead Valves
Butterfly Valves
Instrumentation Products
Ball Valves (Threaded, Flanged, Grooved, and 8RD)
Check Valves (Flanged, Threaded, and Grooved)
Ball Check Valves
Enduro-Bond Coated Valves
Gauge Cocks

Products Sold at Odessa Location

Pipe Wipers, Pulsation Dampener Bladders

Lug & Wafer Style Butterfly Valves, Knife Gate Valves

Hammer Unions, Swivel Joints, Low Torque Plug Valves

Bob Herbert Drilling Equipment, Mud Buckets, Derrick Pins, Derrick Pin Drivers, Float Valves, Jet Nipples

Pressure Washer Hoses, Tips, Spray Guns & Wands, Quick Connects

Hose Hobbles, Nylon Hose Chokers, High-Pressure Whip Checks

Expansion Joints

Pipe Repair Clamps, Sleeve Couplings, Sleeve Coupling Gaskets & Nuts & Bolts

Pressure Gauges

Quick Connects, Air, Hydraulic, High Pressure, BOP Wing Style

Hydraulic Adapters, O-Ring Kits, Hydraulic Adapter Kits

Tube / Pipe / Hose Clamp Assemblies

Safe Spiral Hose Protector for Rotary & Vibrator Hoses

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